Sunday, January 31, 2010

Customized Erotic Hypnosis Files

In the last few months I listened to some erotic hypnosis files but none of them were really to my liking. Finally I found one that was almost perfect: MzDominica's TG Finishing School 1. It's about feminization and it also includes chastity lockup! Just what I need! But, unfortunately this hypnodom wants too much. She wants to control you in a very agressive way, she wants to clear your mind, and at the end she wants you to send her a begging e-mail and then forget about it. I don't like these bullshits so I loaded up the mp3 in an audio editor (Audacity for instance) and I simply cut out those parts that were too much for me :) This way I reduced the original 42 minutes long audio to 33 minutes which is purely feminization/chastity without any agressive mind control. I love this remixed audio file, I have to admit that she has a very sexy and seductive voice.

New Plan for February

As always, the need for wearing my chastity tube came back this weekend. I put it on two days ago and it feels sooo good. I learnt from the last time and now I'll try it differently. Last time I started a semi-permanent chastity and after a few days I switched to full-time chastity. I thought that I was ready for that but I was wrong. The device troubled me during the day and I couldn't concentrate on my work so after two weeks I was happy to take it off. So, here is my new plan:
  • I want to wear the device for an extended period. My goal is 4 weeks, i.e. February. From Monday to Friday I will apply semi-permanent chastity, which means that I will wear the device at home only from the evening during the night until the morning. I will take off the device before leaving the house, so during the day I can concentrate on my work. But as soon as I get home, I will put it on immediately.
  • From Friday evening until Monday morning I won't take the device off.
  • For doing sports I will not wear the device. I tried to keep it on before but it was not very comfortable and it was a distraction.
  • When having the tube on, I must wear female clothes. At home I must wear high heels at all time. In addition, I will wear pantyhose too since it makes me feel sexy and feminine. Under the pantyhose I wear man pants because they have enough space for the chastity tube but over the pantyhose I wear female panties. They look great and they can nicely hide the male pants below.
  • During the weekend (from Friday evening to Monday morning) I must wear pantyhose below my trousers when I go out. This is a constant reminder of my sissy state.
  • When I go to bed, I listen to some feminization/chastity hypnosis audio files to prepare my mind.
  • I will shave the pubic area once a week, on Friday evening. A hairy pubic area with a chastity tube is really disgusting.
  • I can have an orgasm once a week. This orgasm can only happen when the tube is ON. Orgasms in the tube are much better. It's like f*ing a tight warm plastic pussy wrapped around my sissy clit. Since I want to be feminized, full erections are not allowed.
  • The release date for the next week must be decided on Sunday evening using a random number generator (download my script). If a wet dream happens before that date => bad luck. I got my release and two cummies are too many for a week...
That's the current plan, it may change in the future.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two Weeks

I managed to wear my CB-3000 for two weeks only. My goal was 3 weeks, but I had to quit one week before. I have to admit that long-term chastity is not for me. Now I put it aside again. I will wear it later on and off, but I won't ever try to wear it constantly. But I don't mind it; after all I'm a man, I'll have to live like that. This chastity stuff was interesting, but it's only a play, it cannot be a lifestyle for me.