Saturday, October 24, 2009

Semi-Permanent Chastity

Let me tell you a bit more about my chastity programme that I call semi-permanent chastity. I already mentioned it shortly in a previous post. To sum it up: I (want to) wear a chastity device every day but not 24 hours a day.

What does it mean? I have already tried to go permanent chastity at least a dozen times but I failed each time. The maximum length was 10 days. The problem was that I tried full-time chastity but I simply was not ready for that. After a failure I put away my CB for months, I didn't even think of it. But after that it came back with a revenge :) I tried again, I failed. The main problem was wearing the tube during the day. I just couldn't concentrate on my work, all my thoughts were around the chastity device. Another thing is the cleaning: whatever I tried, I couldn't completely clean the inside of the tube and it started to look quite disgusting after a few days.

So my idea is the following: I only wear the chastity tube at home when I arrive home from work. In the morning, right before leaving, I take it off. Like that, little by little, I can get used to the tube, and maybe one day I can switch to full-time. I've been doing like this in the last 5 days and I'm OK. I want to continue like this in the future and I plan to wear it every day. This weekend I will leave the cage on for two days, but Monday morning I will take it off.

I think it's much better to wear the device every day (even if it's not 24 hours per day) than wearing it for a week or two and then put it aside for months.


  1. you need a keyholder. someone who will force you to stay chastized. would be happy to provide that service for you!

  2. Sara, thanks for the offer. No offense, but I'd prefer a female keyholder :) But I agree, with a Mistress it would be much more fun.