Friday, October 30, 2009

The Organic Belt

I think everybody knows the site of Altairboy. As he writes:

"When this website was started in October 1996 there was very little information about chastity belts on the internet. Over the years, it evolved in response to the letters, submittals and dreams of people that took time to write. Thousands of people have contributed the material you will find here, making the site grow, and become what some have generously described as a valuable resource to people interested in chastity devices."

The site contains hundreds of reviews and fictional stories. One of my favorite stories is The Organic Belt. This is about a guy who is put into a special panties which turn out to be a shape-shifting chastity belt (if you saw Spiderman 3 then you can imagine it easily). The belt can imitate the form of a penis or the form of a pussy too. It can even function as a butt plug. And the best thing is that it cannot be removed ;) Poor (or rather lucky?) guy... Well, if such a belt existed, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to pull it on.

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