Thursday, October 22, 2009

Male Chastity

This blog serves for two purposes: first, I want to share my ideas about my chastity fetish. Then, it'll also serve as a content management system. I read so many things on the net that I find it very difficult to organise them. Hopefully, it'll help to collect everything at one place.

Without revealing too much of me, I can tell that I'm a young man interested in chastity and feminization. I only practice crossdressing at home, for the outside world I am a completely normal guy. But when I'm at home, I love to change to be a beautiful sissy girl. This blog will follow me during this adventure.

So, after so many failures I've decided again to try long-term chastity. I enjoy being locked up so much that I want it as a lifestyle. The chastity tube feels so comfortable that I don't want to take it off.

A side effect of chastity (that I found out too late :)) is that you develop feminine feelings. You lock yourself up, and after a day or two you feel femme inside. But this is no wonder after all. If you lock up your penis, you take away your manhood, so what else would you become than a sensitive, vulnerable young lady?

The road to be a chastened sissy:
  1. A long time ago I found the picture of a CB-3000 chastity tube. The idea of being locked up in that thing aroused me immediately. I just couldn't help thinking of this device all the time, so I collected my courage and ordered one.
  2. The tube felt so good around my penis. The idea of stopping all erection attempts just turned me on even more.
  3. However, after a few days of wearing the tube I started to have feminine feelings. I wanted to wear female clothes at home, so I bought some panties and pantyhose. Their touch on my skin felt sooo good. They turned me on more, but the chastity tube blocked everything, which aroused me even more.
  4. I got trapped in the loop but I enjoy it. Today, without a chastity tube and female clothes I feel naked.
Summary: if you start wearing a chastity tube, be prepared that sooner or later you want to be a submissive sissy.

To tell the truth, I cannot wear the chastity tube 24/7. I've tried it several times, and my personal record is 10 days, but it was very difficult. The main problem is during the day: I just couldn't concentrate on my work. After lots of experiments, for me the following works best: during the day I am free and I only lock up myself for the night. In the morning I take off the device. I'm afraid I'm too weak for a really permanent chastity and it'll stay just a fantasy for me.

Anyway, a few days ago I decided to wear the tube every day (that is, every night). I want to continue like this for a few weeks just to get accustomed to the tube. Let's call this method semi-permanent chastity. For me it's very important to wear it every day. I'm curious how long I can go. Maybe later I can switch to 24/7 lockup, but it remains to be seen. I will try to stay locked during the weekends too. Just for the record: this is my day 4 in partial chastity. This time I really don't want to chicken out. If I miss even one day, I will have to restart the counting.

That's all for today. I will continue tomorrow. Until then here are two beautiful pictures of a chastened sissy:

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