Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 1 Completed

It's exactly one week that I've been in semi-chastity. I will try to spend more and more time locked up but I don't want to rush. When I feel uncomfortable because of some reason, I'll take it off during the day. However, since Friday night I didn't take it off except for cleaning. That's 3 days in full-time. I will keep it on tomorrow too.

When I'm locked up, my little penis always tries to get erected but it can't. I just wonder when my body will realize that these attempts are completely pointless. When I reach that state it means that the tube won and my tiny cock gave it up...

My goal for the short time is to complete 3 weeks by all means. I read it somewhere that you need 3 weeks to develop a habit (either a good or a bad one). So I expect from myself that having a chastity tube on me will seem normal in two weeks. Let's hope :)

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